Our story

In a studio located in Maramures country, land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs, Andreea creates, for more than a decade, a unique range of handmade designer jewellery in silver and gold. Inspired by textures, rhythm and lines found in the natural world, she creates pieces that are wearable but unique and interesting, meant to decorate and enhance the wearer.
„In spite of the law background, the joy of making things by hand, inherited from my ancestors, was stronger and after taking a Bachelor of Visual Arts, all my attention focused in playing with the precious metals and gemstones, but also enjoy experimentation in various media and technique. I am an intuitive artist, the design evolve as I play around and as a response of hand manipulating the metal. I can spend hours and hours finding new ways of texturate and form new shapes in silver and gold. I often add colours with gemstone, patina, enamel and resin.
My favorite theme is the edge of the water, fluid, always changing, with stones, sand and other, unexpected, but so interesting objects. Also trees and whimsicals forms from the woods are often found in my designs.
I have a great happiness when I can reuse scrap, giving them a new life, so more of one-of-kind items are made of 100% recycled materials
Through my pieces I invite you to stop for a moment, to watch the beauty of nature and to reconnect to the rhythms of Univers.